Auto Decomp Cam

how hard is it to install an auto decomp cam in a 99 yz400f . do they really help?

It's very easy and IMO it is the single best mod you can do to the bike. You will gain low and mid range power but best of all you can get rid of the decompression lever for easier starting. The bike will also be less prone to low speed stalling.

Do a search and you will find tons of info about this mod...on the hotcams website there is also instructions.

how hard is it to install an auto decomp cam in a 99 yz400f . do they really help?

If you can change your own oil, you can swap a cam out. Yes, it makes starting 100 times easier. :lol:

Easy install. Just go slow and follow the instructions. It will make the bike much better.

Is it better to use the Stock 03 450 cam or the hotcams cam for the 426?

Opinions will vary, but IMO, the OEM 450 cam works at least as well, and costs less.

One point to note is that the Hot Cams AD cam for the 426 can be timed as the OEM 426 cam is timed, using the marks on the cam. If you choose that cam, DO NOT time it according to the instructions posted. Time it according to the instructions that come with it, and/or your owners manual, as if it were a stock camshaft.

I'd vote with GR, the 450DCM is the best thing to happen to my 426. Got my info here and from Satch:thumbsup: .


Thanks for all the info. I have the cams on order at the local bike shop. should have them monday or tuesday.

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