pics of my 426

Lookin Good :lol:

Nice bike. How do you like those handguards?

Great lookin bike. those handguards a pretty sweet lookin too.:lol:

Thanks guys, and I love my handguards they protect good and they dont get in my way riding mx so i like them, Thinkin of selling the bike but not sure.


Looks nice. Very Clean. What happened to your rear break master cylinder guard? I've got one if your interested.

Very nice and clean. You could use an exhaust heat guard. Blue Iodized, and a blue sprocket!!! Great looking bike.

Nice looking 426! What do those neopreme (sp?) fork covers do? If they don't serve a purpose, I would lose them.

they help save your seals and keep the fork tubes from getting dinged as easily and i already lost em lol I cut them off the other night. :lol: Im glad i did too looks better soon im goin to be gettin new graphics and backgrounds

I'm trying to sell my 00 426 which is very clean and trick. Be prepared to be dissappointed at the re-sale value.:lol:

Nice bike.:lol:

Anyone wanna buy it? lol

how much, im buying an 01 426 at a local place for 2000, i talked them down 200 from 2200. they have 2 2001's, im going to get the nicer cond. just need to get a loan from the bank and its mine :lol:. how much you selling yours for? kbb says 2700 but thats way off:bonk:

Sorry man i was just kidding im not ready to sell just yet. It wont be too long probably im going to sell eventually and buy an 06. Sorry i didnt mean to mislead anyone. Anyways 2000 is a good price for an 01 and if your still in the market when im ready to sell maybe we can talk business ok? Sorry man.

its alright man, i didn't want to buy it ( not in an offensive way) i was just curious to see how much you going to let it go for, it is a hottt bike though. i was just going to compare that price with my local place thats all man :ride:

Looks sawheet!!

Ok guys i think i may be ready to sell it im going to try and buy an 06crf250r soo i think im ready to let my baby go. I have over 3800 in it so i think i would have to have atleast 3000 even out of it. I may put it in the classifieds soon. Any thoughts? if you think you may be interested pm me or email me at Thanks guys

very nice bike:thumbsup: i love the yoshi,i wish you were in the uk i woud of bit your arm off for that:cry:

sorry man, already got mine :censored:


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