help with suspension on 06 450

Hey guys,

We went and rode today at the ramjam indoor in lorain, ohio today. First let me say this is the first ive ridden on a track in about a year, took some time off, and i feel more comfortable of this bike than i did when i stopped racing. The motor is great and the suspension worked great over the big jumps but it sucked big time over the small stuff and the whoops. I havent played with the suspension at all yet was curious to see what you folks were doing.Im around 6' 178lbs(w/o gear) Also what are you guys using to bleed your forks i can not for the life of me get them open with a regular screwdiver:crazy: .Thanks in advance.

Sounds like you need to play with your high speed, mine is at two and a quater. First make sure you have set your sag.

what is everyone else runnin their sag at? and anything else on the fork bleeders?

Sag at 95-97mm, forks pulled up 5mm

After Enzo did mine they recomended 105mm on sag and bike is unreal. I had 98 before but revalve was done so like comparing apples to oranges.

aight well as soon as it quits snowin here, stupid ohio weather, ill get on adjusting the sag and pulling those forks up in the triple trees. Has anyone used the motion pro speed bleeders on their forks.??

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