jardine pipe 400f

who has a jaridine pipe on there 400 426 or 450 i found a good deal on one and wonder how the power increses are and are they acceibly loud if not the whire bros e2 or fmf powercore 4 is my next option

my yz400f has a white bro's elliptacle "e" and it is way loud. it had 7 plates in it and was 98db at idle. I pulled three out, 4 is the min. according to the papers from white bros. and it still is 94 db. At least I can ride it without my ears ringing now.

I read some review for the 03yz450 and the jardine system gave more power than the other top brand pipes. They said something about it turning it into a dragster. Sounds good if you ask me.

The WB with adjustable end caps ROCK. They are great. Quiet with the insert, and perfect for mx without. I have one, and love it.

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