Another YZ450f or a 2007 WR?

I ride a 2003 YZ450f. I want an aluminum frame, and 5 gears. The question is to go with a new YZ or an 07' WR450. I mostly ride desert, with an occasional forest trip, and goto the track maybe 10 times a year. The only thing holding me back on the WR is the fact that I do ride track, and am worried the bike will feel to heavy.

Would an 07' WR450 aluminum frame feel lighter than my steel frame YZ450?

I know there is a 25lb difference, but the frame and lower center of gravity would conceivably make the WR feel lighter. Am I right, has anyone ridden both bikes?

Will the WR have significantly less/more power than my 03' YZ? I usually can't be passed on my 03' and I want to keep it that way.:lol: Will the mods make it feel like the YZ? Will I still have the low end snap on the throttle? I have ridden a few different CR450x's, and would hate to drop to that level:cool:

I can not speak for myself but my friend who is a mechanic at a large dealership who races on a regular basis said:

"riding I don't feel any real difference between the YZ (06) and WR (07). I notice the difference when loading the bike and picking it up"

Hope that helps.

The 03 450 I believe isnt much lighter than my 426, and the new WRs are quite a bit lighter. Thier weight is also lower, which makes the bike feel lighter.

Get The YZ. feels very light and nimble on the track and in the woods. Even if u go to the track 10 times a year like u said, u should get the YZ. u wouldnt be satisfied with the WR on the track. Even with the new aluminum frame on the WR it still wouldnt feel as good as the YZ. I love the YZ in the woods too!!:lol:

I'd get the YZ. By the time you've removed all the WR parts to get it as light as the YZ you've paid too much for a YZ with different gears and suspension settings that you'll probably change anyway.

WR !!

you could always mod the WR and it get close to a YZ for the track if it's that important - the rest of the time you'll appreciate the WR suspension / torque / gear ratio's / reserve fuel tap / electrics / and overall 'comfort'

... if that track IS that important, get a YZ - either way you're asking for a compromise if you want ONE bike to do a number of things

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