Engine temp - 50 degrees C ok ?


I fitted a trail tech vapor at the weekend to my WR426 after everyone recommending them on here, I am very pleased with it but the engine temp only gets to 60 degrees C if idling for a few minutes/riding in tight woods or 50degreesC if riding normally, is this ok, i would have thought it would run hotter than that ? it is only 5-6 degrees here in the UK at the moment so maby in the summer it will run hotter ?

Many thanks


Any one know if this is ok ? 50 degrees C is about 120 F ???



Seems a little low, is the sensor on the coolant as it comes out of the engine or the radiators ?

made up my own electronic temperature guage and mounted it to top of right radiator.Runs 40 to 90 c depending on wether its open trail or stuck on a hill.

hope this helps dave.

Thanks for your replies :ride:

I mounted it as per instructions, its on the long coolant pipe on the left radiator (if sitting on bike), i thought this was the 'hot' pipe, does anyone know if its supposed to be on the other side?

Thanks :ride:

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