xr650r vs cr500

Everytime we meet in person I forget who you are online, I just now worked it out lol

You did ***in awsome with that thermite, its definatly something Ill never forget AAA+++ man :ride:

I raced a 1996 CR500 in Harescrambles for a few years. It had a FMF pipe, Boyseen Reed valves and a few other mods. It was lightning quick and scary as hell! I loved it! It wasn't the fastest in the woods but NOTHING could touch it out in the open! I so regret getting rid of it. Not only because there a rair find these days but also the intimidation factor that bike had. Have you ever "felt" a CR500 coming up behind you?

Ive ridden 500's and 450's. But have also raced against the 650R. The Cr500's have been clocked at dam near 210km's p/hr in full race trim. This is a figure i dont believe the XR has the rev capacity to up hold. Owning many XR's before I know this first hand. However that being said 650R's have very long legs. I have been riding my CRF450R since april 2007 and the power on those is so much more lively than any other 4stroke apart from maybe the V-twin apprilla RXV450. My mate on his CR500R (which has had quite a bit of work done) and I have had straight line drags on long grass straights. In many races we have been with other 450's. I have lead until 5th gear, with only the CR catching up to sit bar2bar with me. Although when i ride the CR I blow any thing off while up one the back wheel including XR650R's, by the time they got going I was gone just spaying them with little dirt missle's. So at the end of the day it all boils down to the rider and how they hold the throttle open....Full blast is the way to do it.

Just because I revisit the CR500R it does not replace the XR650R in many places. CR500R is a brut quick bike but, it is geared lower. I gear the CR500R to be closer to the stock XR650R and it is more controlable........well till it shot out of orbit and left me on the ground. It was the XR680R that saved the trip! The torque of that bike with tall gearing is un-real in the sand...well un-real anywhere. They both can be compared i the middle of what they can be used for but, go in oppossit directions from there. In every prospective. Vibration, comfort, endurance, turning, jumping, quickness, handling. Even still they are a great set of bikes that make a trip major fun when they are together to compare!!! They maybe considered Apples and Oranges to some but, they mix well together.

In the sand the CR was way more fun as far as controlable, in the tight turns and in the air but, the XR just moves forward better. It bush the sand back and the bike moves, the CR with the same paddle digs quicker.

More of this insanity is found here: http://bannedcr500riders.com/board/viewtopic.php?t=3558&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

We left Wednesday at 5:30pm, a little late of a start so we didn't stop and drove straight there. Filled up with water and pulled onto the beach at 10:15pm. I must have been driving a little fast to get there that quick. We drove down the Beach and it was full! Got to the end and tried to turn around and got stuck.....quickly got pulled out and dialed Lewis to let him know there was no beach front property but, I hung up when I saw how late it was. They called back anyways to make sure I was OK. Good friends.

Well, the boyz would jump out when we found an opening and run to check if there was room close to the beach and that it would be big enough for a group our size. We found just one and we made a run to get the truck in there.....I let off because I couldn't see that I was going to miss and land in someone’s camp so I didn't get very far and we setup camp there. Some young girls came over and invited us for bear bongs and to party. We unloaded the bikes and slept right where we landed. It worked out well because it blocked others from camping there. Terrance showed up some time in the AM and was up and ready to pull we into what would be camp. His jeep pulled us very well.

The camp filled up steadily as if it had all been planned when each rig was to pull in. We would just get someone into camp and setup and the next rig would pull in. The giant motor home was a surprise but, the guys to tow it in showed up just as the tires we lowered to 15psi. What a great group of guys. Everyone jumped to help and everyone shoveled, pulled, let air out. Nice to have people with such wonderful attitudes. I went on a few small rides with the boyz after the bike got started. A little jetting and I was ready to ride the next day.

Friday I was up at 7:30am ate and was looking for who was going to ride. I hooked up with some that were getting there bikes ready and off we went. Turned out to be a nice warm-up ride. Then some of the younger boyz were going out to find some place to jump. We jumped for quite a while and came back to eat. Back out to cruse the dunes and to look for what the younger were saying was a mean set of doubles but, Cam stuffed his 500 into a witch eye and Zeph was right on top of him. They lived through it but, it was not good. Zeph's bars bent on Cam's arm and Zeph got his bell rang. After they licked their wounds it was found that the bars were bent badly and the radiator was broke. On the way back to camp James seized his bike and it was down and out. We went on another ride just to cruse the dunes and that was it for Friday riding for me. Friday night there was some fireworks and CREMORA FIREBALLS. The cremora in the five gallon bucket was real nice and got some praise.

Saturday I was up at 7am and first thing I did was suit up. Breakfast burritos and I was looking for who was going to ride.......I guess I must have been part of the click to be able to ride so much??? I don't think it had anything to do with being ready and looking to go riding Bunch of guys were getting on there bikes so I joined in. My feelings were hurt because they didn't ask me to go but, I figured if they didn't want me to ride with them they could try and lose me Got roosted right off the bat by Chance with wet sand as we turned off the beach. Hit me in the chest but, the guy next to me got roosted real bad in the goggles and had to stop. He got talked to after the ride. WE were following Cam carving the dunes and after a time I got lazy and was cutting corners, sitting on the seat. As I was lugging the 500 up a small dune I was just going to pop of the top a little but, I went WOT to get into the power and was a little late. As the bike came to life the front tire was already off the ground and the bike launched into orbit. I could see from the bottom of my vision that the fender was leaving and the bike was going tires up. The kicking, hoping to land on my feet started up I landed face down anyways. Landed on little and it got a sand rash. Busted the pipe just outside the exhaust flange. That also got ripped off, busted plastic but, good to ride to camp. I missed out on the click that left me and went to the drags..... You guys all suck and had a good time without me. I think this was done because the rest of you knew I would own you on the drags and someone planned this So, I went back to camp and watched the kids play football. It was amazing how well the kids all got along. No trouble from any of them. They even let the little ones be the quarter back.

Well. The faithful XR was fired up and I went on a little ride to make sure that would pull duty for the rest of the weekend. There was lots of food and everyone shared. More fireworks and CREMORA FIREBALLS. The Thermite (not magnesium) was real nice and got some praise. It was placed very far way but, still real nice and safe. Could see for a long ways and the moisture in the air made it seem very big. WE had an outside movie on the big screen. I didn't like the movie but, the sound was nice.

Sunday we got up and ate...gave God praise with some music and Bible in our trailer, there was about nine of us. More football, food and fixing bikes that got broken. More easy rides and fireworks and food. I hurd something about the quads next to camp racin all night and roosting but, I was to far away from that to know what was going on. Bob, went and shut down the music at some other rude camp. As far as I know all the younger riders were on their best behavour. I do know that there was an exit to ride by some of the vehicals.......nust suck to park where everone is on the pipe to leave camp.

Some were leaving. I visited the "other camp" a few times. More great food and another outside movie.

Monday we went on one more ride before everyone worked together to get the rigs on the beach and the tires all back to road pressure. It was a very good trip......I even got to ride and think I was part of the click!

Lots of good pictures and video here, it will take sometime to catch up on this thread. I missed quite a bit. I just breased over it. There were those in the North part of our camp that were doing things that can't be talked about.........there are some pictures of the carnage left out. There were some cry-babies that were not personaly invited on rides and walked around in their PJ's and got pissed because they were not ready to ride......you might be able to see my responce in the above copied post off that site.










my brother owns a 2000 xr650r.and i own a 97cr500 with stock motor/gearing.

i have drag raced my bro many times under different conditions.top end wide

open my bro will pull away if the terrain permits.i have sand blasted my bro

so many times coming out turns in sand and left him in dust.i have nearly ran into the back of him as he slows all that weight down early before going into a turn(scary,frnt/rr brake locked up)dozen times.we went to jawbone 10/19/08 and my bros 650 could not make it up a

sand hill 2x while my 500 made it all the way up start to finish 3rd gear.

as a matter of fact some guy tried the same hill on a dr650 and only got to about the same spot as my bros xr650.no BULL Sht,the guy on dr650 rode

away and returned on cr500 and buzzed rite up that same hill! my bro and i were LOL at that.true story just ask him.

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