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Online Sign Up & Schedule: Rd 2 Texas Winter Series (Oakhill)

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AMA Texas Winter Series

Round 2 - Jan 27-28, 2007

Oakhill MX Park - Decatur, Texas

Weekend Schedule

Factory Contingency from:

Cobra, Honda, Kawasaki, Polini, Suzuki & Yamaha

Scheduled Times

Friday (January 26, 2007)

6:00pm - 11:00pm Gates Hours

7:00pm - 9:00pm Registration

Saturday (January 27, 2007)

6:00am - 11:00pm Gate Hours

6:30am - 8:00am Registration Hours

7:30am Practice (Sat Classes only)

9:00am Riders Meeting

Note: (1st three classes report to Staging with Rider & Bike)

Opening Ceremonies

Racing Begins

Classes include (all classes are Mod unless Specified):

50cc Stock Injected 4-6 (JR, KDX, KTM-MA, P3, PW)

51cc Stock 4-6

51cc Stock 7-8

51cc Stock 4-8 Open

65cc 7-9

65cc 10-11

65cc 7-11 Open

Jr Supermini 65-85cc 9-11

Sr Supermini 85-105cc 12-15

150Fcc 9-15 Open (non-series)

85cc Beg 7-11

85cc Beg 12-15

85cc 7-11

85cc 12-13

85cc 14-15

Girls 65-85cc 7-13

Womens Amateur 105+ 12yrs+

Womens Pro 125-250cc

125cc Beg

250cc Beg

125cc 2-Stroke Schoolboy 12-15

Sunday (January 28, 2007)

6:00am Gate Opens

6:30am - 8:00am Registration Hours

7:30am Practice

9:00am Riders Meeting

Note: (1st three classes report to Staging with Rider & Bike)

Opening Ceremonies

Racing Begins

Classes include (all classes are Mod unless Specified):

250Fcc Youth 12-15

125cc BTH 16-24

125cc C

125cc B

125cc A

250cc C

250cc B

250cc A

250Fcc Amateur Open

450Fcc Amateur Open

25+ C/D

25+ B

25+ A

Vet 30+ C/D

Vet 30+ B

Vet 30+ A

Vet 35+

Sr +40 C/D

Sr +40 A/B


1. $10 Gate Passes/person/day - $20 Weekend Pass - Under 5 Free (Cash Only)

Note: Everyone will be charged for Full Weekend when entering park. If not staying for Sunday's races and leave by 9am Sunday, a refund will be issued at Front Gate for Sunday's Gate Fee)

$35 Entry Fee per class (except below)

a. $30 Entry Fee (50cc Stock Injected)

b. $40 Entry Fee (125A & 250A)

$25 RV Hook-Up/day (N/C for that day if after 3pm)

$5 Open Camping Fee

Online Sign Up & Registration at Track:

1. Online Sign Up - Link: www.OakhillMX.com under "Event/Race"

2. All Payments are done at track. You cannot pay online. Online Sign Up is to submit only.

3. Registration accepts Visa, Mastercard, Checks and Cash

4. Minors must be accompanied by a Guardian/Parent at registration

5. All Pre-Entries riders must report in Pre-Entry line at Scoring Tower.

6. ALL RIDERS must be present at registration.

7. AMA License Required (bring to registration last four numbers of frame number). License can be purchased at track.

Other Information:

Bike Wash Hookup with each RV Spot rented.

Age Effective: January 1, 2007

Radio Broadcast 89.1FM

No checks accepted at registration or front gate.

Note: Registration - Sunday classes after Sat races are over TBA.

Please check with Oakhill MX Park for Track Rules and Policies.

Series Information:

Points - Overall per round

1st 30, 2nd 25, 3rd 21, 4th 18, 5th 16

Note: Minus One point every position through 20th

One participation point given for every position that scores a finish.

AMA Membership Required ($39 Annual)

Membership available at track or online at www.AMA-Cycle.org

Britt & Mary Lambert

Field Representative #697

(817) 220-6087 / (817) 773-6666 / (817) 675-6732

1. 2 Moto Format (Divisions if necessary)

2. 200% Payback for Pro classes (125A,250A,Womens A)

3. 100% Payback to Expert Classes

4. 100% Trophies to 50/51cc Classes

5. Sr 40+ A/B is a Trophy only class

6. Trophies for Amateur Classes 1st-5th

7. No Trophies to Pro or Expert Classes

8. 50cc Stock Injected eligible bikes (Suzuki JR50, Kawasaki KDX50, KTM Mini Adventure, Cobra P3, Yamaha PW50).

9. Womens Pro - No 450F's

10. Jr Supermini - No Big Wheels

11. 125cc BTH 16-24 - Non-Pro Class

12. 125cc 2 Stroke and 250cc 4 Stroke compete in same class unless specified

13. 250cc 2 Stroke and 450cc 4 Stroke compete in same class unless specified

Oakhill MX Park Contact Info:

Phone: (817) 296-6742

Web: www.OakHillMX.com

Email: OakHillMX@OakHillMX.com

Series Contact Info:

Phone: 713-880-5533

Series Web: www.FreestoneMX.com

Series Email: Tony@FreestoneMX.com


1636 CR 1270 / Alvord, TX. 76225 (Do not use Mapquest)


Best Western - (940) 627-5982

Comfort Inn - (940) 627-6919

American Inn - (940) 427-2318

Days Inn - (940) 627-2463

Super 8 - (940) 627-0250

Holiday Inn Express - (940) 627-0776

Remaining Schedule:

Rd 3 - Feb 3-4 - Village Creek MX Park

Rd 4 - Feb 17-18 - Lake Whitney MX Park

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