For Sale 01 YZF426 Aluminum Sub-Frame

Brand Spanky New! The bike it came off off was never rode! It won't fit my 02 WR426 after all. I'm into it for $175 & $15 s/h...I will sell to you for the same $175 + $15 s/h


What didn't fit? I didn't think they changed the subframe for 02. An 01 YZ fit fine on my 01WR. The exhaust mounting is slightly different and the overflow tank lower tab isn't on the YZ but they were the same other than that.


You are correct regarding 01YZF to 01WR. BUT 01 YZF to 02 WR is a no go!

not only do you have the diffrences you mentioned, but for 02 rear brake

assy.has been changed. Yes you could cut tabs and heli-Arc to modify, but I don't want to get into all that + repainting. I just prefer to get my $$ back out of it and search for an 02 Sub-Frame.


Just a wee bump :)



Check your P/M


How much weight does the aluminum save? How do you mount the overflow?


As far as weight savings. I'm not sure because I haven't had the steel WR sub-frame off yet. But the YZF aluminum is amazing at how light it is! I planned on useing a clamp for the rad tank tab to bolt into..





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