650L valve question

When checking valves does the feeler gauge need to pass through easily, with a little friction or hard to pull? They all pass through with a little friction now. My top end is ticking and its bugging the crap out of me. The bike is an '06 with 2400mi. the valves have never been adjusted or checked. If not valves what else would tick?

set valves cold,make sure the decomp lift is past (720 degrees) insert one size up in gauge. it should not fit. use a motion pro feeler and a flashlight to be certain you put the gauge under the rocker arms.

aperently they are too loose cause I can fit .005 in the intake and .006 in the exhaust

so whats worse, running with valves too loose or too tight?

Too tight is bad = burnt valves. Too loose is alright as long as you dont rev the piss out of it cause it slaps the tappet really hard. Low rpm's and too loose to a point is a safe bet. But you do lose some pep cause the valves wont open all the way.


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