05 YZ450 Cranking Sequence

I just rode this bike for the 2nd time this weekend. Last weekend, I rolled it off of the trailer and it fired first kick (50 degrees) and it fired first kick throughout the day when I used the hot start lever after it was warm. I always got it to TDC before kicking.

This weekend it was colder (38 degrees). I had a harder time finding TDC with the motor cold. I kicked it about 7 times before it cranked (not sure if and when I was at TDC). It actually had 2 small backfires during the 7 kicks. After that, I cranked it two other times and the strangest thing happened both times. I was simply easing down on the kickstarter trying to work to TDC and it cranked both times while I was barely pushing down on the kickstarter. Could it be possible that this is the way to crank this bike and not give it the TDC hard full kick? If so, that's easier than cranking a 50cc bike.



Finding TDC is unnecessary with the Auto Decompression system. That's the original idea. (How would a starter motor know to do that?) I sometimes roll mine up against compression out of habit or to help with priming the combustion chamber, but never try to find TDC, per se. Just kick it through the whole stroke with enough force to take it through compression. Smoother and longer is better than shorter and harder.

In cold weather, you'll find that the bike likes a couple of twists on the throttle when cold, and that it will cool down to the point where it needs the choke to restart quicker than in warmer weather, too.

What a nice surprise. You don't have to wear yourself out with big hard kicks for any reason. I'm really starting to like this bike. It may be time to become an official 4 stroker and sell the KTM 250 2 stroke.

Thanks again Grayracer513 for your help,


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