Interchangable Triple Clamps?

Well, I'm parting out my '03 YZ450 and buying an 04-05 WR450. I have a GYTR top triple clamp with oversized clamps that I'd like to use on the WR. Question: Will the clamp from the '03 YZ fit an 04-05 WR? I'd definitely like to transfer it to save some dough. Thanks Clay

I don't know about the WR's but in '04 Yamaha changed from 46mm forks to 48mm forks so they wouldn't work on a YZ. I don't know if they put the bigger forks on the WR or not. Might want to ask them in the WR forum.

it would fit an '04 WR, but not an '05. The WR's lagged one year behind the YZF's in the fork department. The '04 was the same 46mm fork as the '03 YZF, while the '05 WR got the 48mm fork from the '04 YZF.

That sounds right. Thanks

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