anyone else dissapointed with 07 reliability?

I agree with the fact that the stock chain sucks. Thru the chain away before I ever took it out on the track. I do have a complaint with the exhaust system. I literally was going thru the packing every weekend. I tried 3 different packing kits for a month. All destroyed after a weekend of riding. I modified my 06 exhaust of my 450 and it has lasted to this day. Oh am just last weekend my bike died electrically. Did some test and found the stator to be bad. To bad the warranty wasnt 45 days instead of 30. Never had any problems with my 04, 05, and 06.

i have never dropped the bike yet but i know my gytr skidplate didnt line up worth a crap since the day i got it.

many have/had this issue with that part....bad manufacturing...that is why I went with a Works Connection...I did however buy the GYTR Waterpump guard and it fit well as rear brake reservoir guard

How many links in a 07 YZ450 chain?

113 plus the master link makes 114.

i put a did put a new chain on at 3 hrs. I still have stock sprockets on but after reading all these posts,

i think i'm going to get a new rear, do you thinks it's nessary to replace the front drive sprocket?

I've read most of the replies but not all of them so I don't know if someone has mentioned this but:

Has anyone tryed haggeling for aftermarket goodies. Like ordering a pick-up or a car from the factory, I haven't bought a BRAND NEW bike yet but plan to in the future and I plan to see if I can talk the shop into putting in aftermarket drive parts and having the suspension set up to my weight if possible. If they don't want to do it have them knock more money off and order the stuff needed from them or just find somewhere that will try to make their customer happy. Just a thought. I buy from smaller shops and don't think it would be to far fetched for me to try.....atleast i don't think...

The dealer asked if there was anything else I wanted with the bike and I said yeah a new chain he says for what its brand new he thought I was joking until I went get a DID gold chain off the shelf and he made me buy it!

I've also exploded the front rim on mine. Just about every spoke broke at the nipple. I was going over a tiny single right out of a turn and when I landed flew over the bars. I always check my spokes before and after every ride too. Since noone else had a problem a chalked it up as defective or bad luck. Now the new excel rim and spoke set keep stripping out, 1 or 2 every ride. I had to replace rotor and bars also from the crash. But I can say this is probably the funest bike I've owned yet. Its an 06 btw.

Also forgot my fork seals have started leaking.

Every bike comes stock with crap chains, most have Sunstar sprockets, by the time the fork seals start leaking you need to have the oil changed anyway, and Excels are easily the best rim out there. I honestly don't know what you ar complaining about. Hondas come with a crap chain, steel footpegs, Sunstar sprockets, cheapo DID rims that crack at the weld and radiators made of tin foil. KTM is the only bike that comes stock with really good equipment as far as the small things are concerned but who's want one of those things?

Euro bikes don't come with crap chains! My Yamaha fork seals leaked after 4 rides, my euro bikes have never leaked. Even if it was time to replace the fork oil, do you really expect you should have to replace the seals also, every oil change?

Both my Euro bikes have the good excel rims. I have heard that the japs use a lesser quality excel, don't know if it is true, but they have "EXCEL" printed in only 1 location on the rim. Both my bikes have it printed twice, 180 degrees from the other.

I buy Euro and race it out of the box. From what I read on TT, the jap bikes need a bunch of time and money to make them right.

The japs could do alot better, it's all about cost savings to them and if the consumer is willing to accept it, it's a win-win situation.

I put a DID oring chain on my 06 450 after the first day of riding at like 3 hours. I got 29 hours on my bike before needing to change the sprockets, about the same as my buddies got in the same timespan out of thier $50 renthal sprockets.

IMHO the stock sprockets are fine, just the chain is junk.

My fork seals have both weeped/leaked individually atleast once. Every time a quick wipe with a clean tearoff fixes it.

Love my 06, best bike Iv ever owned/ridden. As everyone else says...better chains than valves.:lol:

i DEFINATELY AGREE with teh whole "better chains than valves" philosophy...i just think its a shame that shit parts are a reality to begin with.

Look, i just turned 21...i received this bike the day after thanksgiving after having a deposit on it since august. I did my best in that time to "prepare" for all the shortcomings and typical mx add-ons i knew i would be needing, that way i would do it right from the start. I had my skid plate, fuel screw, scotts oil filter, rear tire, works rad cages and rear MC guard, Engine Ice, and NON synthetic oil for breakin sitting in my room for months. And to my pop and anybody not from the mx world, this necessity was rediculous.

ohhhh, and this reminds me...the whole "known" rule of REGREASING a brand new bike from the factory because of lack of grease almost made my father go in seizure when i told him i was going to strip it down after breaking it in because "your supposed to do it". I think he thought i was on drugs. "mike, you dont ****in spend 7 grand on a motorcycle and then dissassemble it two weeks later!!?!?!".

lol, just pointing out how the mx community has been "conditioned" to accept so many absurdities.

i definately enjoy having pro tapers come stock, BUT...i really had no complaints about the stock bars on my 04 until i crashed over a step up. BUT its not like they were bending from me simply going over a set of whoops too fast which is basically what the parts i mentioned are doing.

If you bought a jet ski and was constantly having problems because of water getting where its not supposed wouldnt say "my bad, i shoulda bought that gallon of dielectric grease before puttin it in the water" NO> you would have a fit because of all things...water contamination should be the last problem in a jet ski. Alright, ill stop with the analogies for now.

Again, no looking for sympathy or to start a revolution, i love my 450...but when comparing it to my 04250f, 99warrior, and 03 raptor (which had a ton of design flaws) i never had such a problem with the stock equipment FAILING.:lol:

It was said before and I will say it again...this is not about 07 reliability....this is about yamaha providing inferior crappy does all the other Jap bikes:thumbsdn:

My 07 has 14 hours on it....the chain is trash, the rear sprocket is trashed, the fork seals are leaking a lil, the front "strong" excel rim has two dents in it, and the gytr skidplate didnt fit worth a shit. I am not new to bikes and i am a nut with maintenance. My 04250f has stock "generic" rims with no dings...and they've gotten some real abuse especially when i had to ride home with a flat. The fork seals never leaked one bit either. The stock chain and sprockets lasted atleast a lil longer than the 07...and 90% of these hours are pit riding, not even teh mx track. I know the yamaha powerplant is still supposed to be the most reliable but i could have gotten a honda or kawi for 1500 less. Im almost regretting my purchase. I called yamaha and they really didnt seem sympathetic of my situation which angers me even more considering this is my fifth yamaha. Sorry guys, just need to vent.

i have riddem years without a bent rim then one day it was bent my seals can go an entire season with no leaks then as soon as i got my suspension refreshed a leaky seal dude its just part of the sport somtimes shit happens and other times it dosent get over it and ride its all part of the game:thumbsup:

Just for the record, i changed the title, but for some reason its still coming up the same. Whatever tho, im over it. Just wanted to vent and see if i was the only one that noticed this.

113 plus the master link makes 114.

Thank you.

I looking to start doing my own fork seals. This is the only problem I have with the bike. I'm going to order a seal driver later this week, but I'm looking for a how to post with pictures...:ride: Anyone know of a post like this?

Has anyone tried the forkskins or dirtskins? I put them on my 05CRF450 from day one and never had a problem with my seals and the bike took quite a bit of abuse on the suspension. I've got 14 hrs on my yamaha with the dirtskins on them and so far so good. Also I don't understand why buy a new quality chain and put it on the cheap sprockets before day one of riding? Why not milk the whole drive system for what its worth and replace it all at once with quality chains and sprockets and be done with it for a while. Looking at mine I think I can squeeze out 25hrs maybe more with proper adjustment. You might as well get every drop of use out of the stock system since you've already paid for it.

i got an 06 450f in may and i bent the front rim in november. i think it was just me riding and i caught it just right on something. i was not happy to see it when i loaded the bike that day but whatcha gonna do? i was woundering if anyone else has had this prob...i guess i got an answer.

Dude it sucks that fork seals are leaking, but once you buy a bike it then becomes somewhat of a money pit.

I am only 21 and when i purchased my 06 yz450F i was lucky enough to stumple across this website and found out all the what to do's before i rode the new bike.

Initially stretched the stock chain but a new DID x-ring has lasted since mid last year on stock sprockets.

I sometimes crack it about spending all my hard earned on new bike and then having to spend a lot of time cleaning and maintaining the beast, but like the old man says if you want low maintenance buy a TTR...........that line always fixes me.

Reliability wise if the valves tighten up within 10 hours then you would "have reliability" issues. Just adjusted the 06 valves for the first time and the hour metre just flashed over 150 hrs.

The bike is riden hard and sometimes in Mud and Sand and the fork seals are still original. I think they are luck of the draw.

Hope the bike brings you some joy, dont worry about the small stuff. A nice day of riding will make you forget the fact that companys like putting cheap shit on cutting edge high performance machines..........doesnt make sense.

Is it only the 450s that are having this problem with the fork seals? Because my 06 yz250F hasn't leaked a single drop and i've been on it since November 2005. I did change the oil and seals since then ofcourse though but never had anything leak. Has anyone tryed a different seal on their 450 that stopped the prob.?

Both the 250 and 450 have the same issue with fork seals.. I have a number of riding buddies on both bikes 250 and 450 WR, YZ all leak:banghead: Not to say we aren't happy with everything else with the bikes because they are all runners:prof:

I'm not going to pay $150 bucks to have this fixed anymore

It looks to be a easy fix with the correct tools:confused: :ride: Oil and seals cost around $30.00 and should only take 1 1/2 hrs at the most if the outer is all I mess with I think? Has anyone tried replacing just the outer oil and seals?

It looks to be a easy fix with the correct tools:confused: :ride: Oil and seals cost around $30.00 and should only take 1 1/2 hrs at the most if the outer is all I mess with I think? Has anyone tried replacing just the outer oil and seals?
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