Am i delirious

I've been riding the big bore Honda's for many years,I think I'm on my 5th one.Xrr's l's from the 80's,90's ect.I've been hearing alot of cr500 talk lately,so I decided to have closer look.I'm getting older now (40) and ride with my son (01 cr250r).He is getting pretty fast.Mostly moto x type stuff.My xr600 is so reliable,I don't find it fast enough,and its big bucks to make her faster.It will always be just as heavy as ever.The cr500 is lighter,cheap,but I'm not sure if I want to re-enter the high maintianance 2 stroke world. Please slap me back into reality.Or how about just an opinion. Thanks.

I'm a die hard XR/XL 4 stroke guy, but I have several friends with 500cc 2 strokes. The CR500 is a beast. That engine will really wear you out. The first year, 1985 is the most powerful, and they mellowed very slightly after that. They also have MX tuned suspensions that are kind of harsh. I haven't tried but a few of the USD ones from the early 90's. An 87 or 88 with the last of the upright forks is regarded as some of the best CR500 suspension for off road. These forks are pretty close to the 90's XR600 forks. I'm sure that the later USD models can be helped with a revalve though.

One friend has both a 90 (or 91) CR500 and a 04 KX500. He really prefers the KX for offroad suspension wise. He also says that it doesn't tire him out as fast.

500's are not high maintenance. If you ride it every weekend a top end will last for a year if not 2. It really depends on how you ride. If you race at mega rpms then it will not last so long. 500's don't need high revs like a 125 or even a 250, so they do last a long time. If you do get an older one it would be good to go through it and check the crank and piston. Ten year old crank seals are prone to leaking and can quickly kill a two stroke.

If you like to do any high speed cruising, the XR is a lot better. I don't know if you have any of this in BC, but when I hit a dirt road out in the desert, I leave the 500cc 2 strokes in the dust. They rev out at 60-65 and I go 90.

Ya a cr500 isn't much maintenence(i can't spell) and you will be throwing roost in your sons mouth with it too. :lol:

Cleonard is mostly correct. When it comes to suspension, you need to have it properly sprung, as well as tuned, to your weight and type of riding. If done right, it can be as plush as any other bike. I've had this done on all 3 of my CR500s and I don't have any problems. To properly ride a CR500, you ride a gear higher and don't turn the RPM of a 125 or a 250. I clean swing arm and linkage bearings much more than do any engine work. Many people don't like the vibration of the handlebars, but there are things that can be done to resolve that. As far as top end speed, that's just a factor of gearing, A quick sprocket change can get up well over 100 MPH. Many folks call them a "beast" and go on about the "tremendous power". Truth is, yes they can be a handful if not ridden properly. But, if you respect the bike, learn to control the power, and learn when to shift, they can be more fun than an Amsterdam brothel.:lol:

One thing I consider a plus over the KX 500 is the CR500 doesn't have a powervalve on the exhaust that needs to be cleaned at regular intervals. Some think the PV is a plus and the KX is supposed to have a little more top end from what I've read. My thoughts are, it's just another maintenance issue I'd rather not deal with.

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