Demodding my bike and found a problem...

Hey guys, I've been demodding my '00 426 the last little while preparing to sale it. One thing I sold was the WR stator and flywheel assembly but I went to put the stock assembly back in a couple days ago to find out the green grounding wire has been pull off the stator. The plastic coating on the outside of the wires is broken and the grounding tab is just flapping around w/ a tiny copper wire connecting it to the rest. Question it possible to just solder that back in and get it to work, or am I going to have to find another stator?

If I need another stator, are any of you guys who did the stator swap willing to sale me your stock stator or know of a place where I can get one? They don't come up on eBay all that often. Thanks.

I've got a stock stator off my '02 YZ426 I'll sell ya cheap. Recently I've been chasing an electrical problem on this bike and thought it was the stator so I got a new one, turns out it's something else so I've got an extra that works fine.

pm sent. anyone have tips on repairing a stator? or is that just work you don't want to mess with?

You can solder it, but you need to be careful in doing so. Two things could go wrong. You could get a cold bond which will not hold, or you could overheat the lead coming from the coil, damage the insulation coating on the wire, and create a short in the coil.

Oddly, the second problem ca be most easily caused by using a soldering iron that's too small for the job. Use a soldering iron hot enough to make the repair quickly, and the heat will not spread along the wire so far.

pm sent.

Back at cha.:lol:

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