RE: Wr Front rotor Cover Wanted

Hey guys, where can I get a white front rotor cover? and will one from a yz fit? (i don't want clear and that's all i can find) can you guys help?

Cycra was supposed to come out with one for the WR, but I don't know if it ever materialized. I believe Acerbis makes one. The YZ versions may or may not work depending on the year...SC

Just got the Cycra white version and it looks good, the site says it fits YZ and WR. WR Dave

can you show us a pic of one please?? installed on the bike so i can compare the color of the white to see if it matches the fork guards. I won't put it on if it dont' match up.

I don't have my bike home yet, but the guy I talked to at Cycra says the cover I got is for my soon to be home, new bike. I had the Acebis on my '02 WR and it was the same part number (including the mount kit) as the YZ. I'm pretty sure they are the same between the WR and the YZ. When I get the bike I will put up some pics unless someone else can contribute before then. WR Dave

i thought the yz and wr ones would be the same also, but i looked into a cyra one before i think but it was off color, never matched the stock white, it was a bit transparent looking I beleive...........

Go to and compare, the one I got is white and will match the stock color perfectly. WR Dave.

do you have a picture of it to show me how it matches?

I went to their website, they have a poor pic there, and the pic of the one on the honda don't match the white on the fork protectors, or is this their 'clear' one, it don't look clear to me but not a good white either, I really would like to see a pic of them, a GOOD pic.

The one on the Honda is the clear one, go to and check for a Chad Reed full on side shot in the Anaheim 1 pics section and you will see the exact one I'm talking about. It is as white as your fork guards and side plates. WR Dave.

Hey just a heads up there's one on ebay right now listed as wr/yz. Worth checking?

Thanks, I'll do a search, still waiting for a pic though, dam, soneone must have a pic of one they can post..............



Thanks, looks great, im off to order one right now

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