Shifting Problem!?!?!?

I recently purchased a 2000 WR400 and love it to death! The only complaint that I have is that when shifting down from 2nd to 1st gear it often hits neutral, and vice versa, although it rarely hits it from 1st to second. This seems to happen enough to make me think that it's not just that I'm not hitting the shifter hard enough. It has been MANY years since I have done much riding and I've never really had a solid understanding of transmissions and how they work so I'm not sure if this might be a break-in thing (I've put a little over 80 miles on the bike) or if this is something that I need to have someone look at. Any feedback is MUCH appreciated - this is a great site and I have learned quite alot from the tech section and the discussion boards. Thaks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Same thing for my 2000 YZ426. It seems to get better as it breaks in......that, or I just got better with the shifter. In any event, I switched to Bel Ray EXS oil because of an article I had read about this oil improving the shifting. I can't swear that it did, but it sure seemed to do the job. One thing I HAVE found to help out with this problem is to downshift without the clutch.....especially the 2nd to 1st shift. This also allows you to use the engine braking as long as you don't have your idle set too high. You won't hurt the transmission or engine by doing this as long as you don't shift down right after you hit the rev limiter in the higher gear. Some guys even do a full throttle clutch-less upshift. That's beyond my personal comfort zone.

I had a similar problem with my 1999 WR and I found that by moving the shifter up I had a much more positive feel to the lever and it didn't affect my upshifting. Basically my personal set is that I line up the top of the shift lever with the bottom of the big access cover on the sidecase.

agree with buck, that'll be your problem.


I have had same exact experience with my '00 WR. Otherwise, it is perfect.

I have dropped it on several very gnarly uphills because of missed shift/unexpected neutral. Every Yamaha I have owned (4) over many years has been a notchy shifter. It is characteristic.

Using Spectro 10W40 changed out every riding weekend. Maybe different oil will help somewhat as earlier post suggests??

I own "98" & "00" wr4's I have found with both bikes after 3 or 4 days of hard riding if I don't change the oil I sometimes grab neutral and also find a false neutral between 3rd & 4th on about 3 occasions 4th has not engaged properly & jumped back to 3rd under power, not fun on a hard right hand turn, anyway changing the oil fixed the problem every time

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