The '01 Clutch Mod for the 2000 YZ426

There is still 2000 YZ426's after all these years with that PIA grabby, can't find neutral OEM clutch ? :lol:

Maybe the 426's had a different clutch configuration, but same BS with the 250's back then. I liked my cheap fix of throwing #13 and #14 in the garbage and reassemble the original PIA grabby, can't find neutral OEM clutch plates..... problem solved for me on my '01 WR250F, "almost" shifted like a beat to death CR gearbox after the mod...:thumbsup:

I have to say, I am a new member, but have had my 426 for a while. This thread and others like it helped me to fix my annoying-on-technical-trails clutch grabbing. It was a cinch and I didnt even have to readjust my clutch cable/lever after I reinstalled it all. The first test ride around my apt complex parking lot proved to be fun, everything worket perfect, and probably annoyed a few neighbors. Awesome...I love my bike even more now. After I finished the install, I stripped the oil bolt out of the bottom of the engine. Time-sert saved my life and gave me some new threads. Wasnt cheap, but works great. Last month, I picked up another 426 with motard aspirations. BRAAAAAP

As long as it's been brought up again, I should point out that two other common causes in YZ's in general are deeply notched baskets and/or bosses, and trashed cushion units within the primary driven gear portion of the assembly. The later models from '02 up use a set of tough rubber biscuits as the torsional shock absorbers, and these can be replaced with aftermarket parts from Hinson, Barnett, and others. I believe that the 2000 used coil springs, and that unit needs to be replaced in its entirety if there is torsional slack, as there are no service parts for the interior of it. It can be replaced with an '01-'02 part, however.

The grabby clutch on the 2000 will beat the cushion unit to death if you let it go long enough, in which case you'll have two problems, requiring two fixes, so it's a good idea to get ahead of it.

Hate to bring up an old thread, but I just have one question.  If I buy a complete new clutch kit for an 01-02 426 (aftermarket, probably EBC), will it include the updated friction plate (#12 in the diagram)? My clutches in my 2000 still measure within spec, but I may replace them anyways while I'm in there.  Basically, if I buy a clutch kit for an 01 or 02 426, can I then just buy the rest of the parts for the mod or would I still have to buy the updated innermost friction plate? I'd think it would come with the updated plate, but I'd like to be sure.  Thanks!

I don't use aftermarket replacement clutch kits, so I couldn't tell you, but it seems as if they would have to include that plate to fit a clutch in an '02.

Ok thanks Gray.  I'd assume they'd have to include that plate but wanted to know if anyone knows for sure.

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