Raptor 660 Transplant

Does anyone out there have any experience with the 660cc engine they use in the Raptor quad? Is it from the same engine family as the 400/426? I know both are water cooled, 5 vlave jobs, What I am wanting to know is will the crank, barrel and head fit onto the base 400 transmission? It would be the ultimate desert racer if you could get it adapted... I know the Raptor gearbox has a reverse gear, so unless you wnat to do something the Crusty Demons have never thought of, then it would be impractical to transplant the whole engine/gearbox... wouldn't want to mis-shift on a tight trail... :) OUCH!

Any thoughts, ideas, etc. on the WR660F? I reckon it could be done, but I am also open to being bought back to earth... :D


I own a Raptor, and the motors are VERY different. There is nothing similar to the 400/426 except valve numbers and water cooling. They are very similar to a motor used in a european bike(MZ I believe??).Sorry for the bad news


Heard a rumor a while back that the raptor engine is supposed to be the base for a new dual sport bike from the Blue King....... Probably that just a rumor, or maybe wishful thinking. I did hear it at my local Yamaha shop, but likely they were telling me this to get me off of the subject of a "real" dual sport from Yamaha.

Hi, I think Dave is right. I read somewhere that the engine is derived from the one used on the Yamaha XTZ Tenere (sold in Europe, don't know about US). MZ also use it in some of their machines.

:) The motor comes out of the SZR 660 road bike, a bit like Suzuki's SVS but single not twin (looks similar though) it AINT NOTHING LIKE a WR motor...at all...no way.....sorry! :D

Check the archives of Mr. Know It All, I think it is Dirt Bike Magazine. The Raptor motor isn't even in the same classs as a WR/YZ. He flamed the guy...

Ha ha I heard my name and this rapter dude really should have known!! :)

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