Rekluse questions and set-up

I've been reading alot of the past threads about the Rekluse and have decided to fork out some dollars and finally get one.

I've got an 06 WR450 with a BD kit that makes me street legal. My bars are a bit crowded with the added controls plus my handguards.

I want to get everything at the same time but I dont quite understnad what set-up I want or need. Does the clutch come with the perch adjuster. If it doesnt, is getting the right adjustment alot easier with the perch adjuster? How does it actually mount?

I think after reading the posts Id like to go with the left hand rear brake. I read in another post about using a hydraulic clutch setup for the left hand rear brake. Can I add a pressure switch to the hydraulic clutch for rear brake light activation?

If I go with the brake will I still be able to have the perch adjuster? I get the point I could keep the clutch lever to still use the clutch in its original form but is it worth keeping the clutch lever? I'm thinking I could use the hot start lever for the clutch cable if I should keep the clutch lever. :lol:

I think Im making this to difficult but I just cant get everything worked out in my head as to what the best set-up would be.

Any help would be great. Someone explain this to me...please.


You might want to do a search in this forum it's been covered at length. I have one on my 04 without the perch adjuster or rear hand brake. Installation is pretty straight forward and so is adjustment. I would like to add the rear hand brake in the future though.


I would just start with the clutch first. You can always add the perch adjuster, left hand brake, etc. later on. This way you get to see if the auto clutch suits your needs. You may find you don't need the perch adjuster, a lot of people don't bother with it (myself included).

JMO, FWIW and all that.

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