WB Exhaust F/S

I have a White Bros tapered headpipe and ProMeg shorty E-Series silencer including tunable 12 disc S/A and open end cap. Fits 400/426. It is in great shape, no dings or dents and cost over $400 new. Will sell for $250 you pay for shipping. It gives the bike great bottom and mid power.

Do you have any pics ??

I don't have a digital camera but I'll try to borrow my friends this weekend a snap a couple.

would you be willing to sell the headpipe seperatley? If so i would be very interested.

Alain, I took the pic's today, just have to wait for my friend to e-mail them to me.

Strack, only if I have a buyer for silencer.

I'd be interested in the silencer.

Email me too. gregg436@cs.com

If I`m pleased with what I see I`ll be interested in getting both the silencer & the head pipe.

good deal, if alain doesnt get the whole set let me know you can email me @ strack350@cs.com


I'll post the pics here and e-mail them to you also.

I forgot to take a pic of the discs as I moto without them. I have 12 discs and a closed end cap stamped with the USFS S/A approval along with the longer bolts and a small tube of anti sieze for them.

The shiny spot on the headpipe is where My pants touched it when I almost went down. It melt them but then burns anything on the pipe away.

The line through the logo plate on the silencer is where the side panel rubs on it. It does not melt the side panel.


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I`ll take them

Ok, we'll do the rest by e-mail.

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