Ty Davis Big gun pipe yeah or nay

I talked with Ty;s mechanic and he told me this is by far the best pipe for desert racing. I race southern MRAN out of Henderson N.V. I was going to get a T-4 pro-curcuit. Any suggestions? 32t

I have a big gun on my 400. A friend has a White Bros on his. The big gun makes really good low and mid power, but is kinda flat on top, the wb good high rev power. I like the low, mid grunt more than top end hit, so I like the Big Gun better.

hi, guys i am looking for a set of exhust too and caught in between a set of yoshimura race rs3 consisit of stainless header and ti end. or a FMF power bomb header with FMF ti4 end can. any comments? or reveal?

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