Is it ok to ride?

I have 05 yz450f. other day, the billet was somehow fell off and got sand in the motor at the dunes. got motor flushed and I'm sure some sand still in the motor. is it ok to ride ?

What is a billet?

Obviously you should not run the bike until you completely flush all the sand out of the motor.

Billet refers to a solid block of metal used to make a part, not to a particular part.

So, what fell off, and how long was it gone?

Dude, you got sand in your engine, and you think its still in there..So, no, its defanetly not okay to ride.

What do you mean by 'got motor flushed'? Did you just change the oil?


Sand in the engine, its like taking sandpaper to your engine components.

Get the thing cleaned out.

Hope it works out.

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