WR Engine in YZ Frame?

Looking to put an '03 WR engine into an '03 YZ frame. It this a direct bolt-in? Any mods necessary? Thanks

Is that a yes? I told somebody it would and they questioned me. Now, of course, I have to find out for sure. I know a few small things on the frames are different but I'm only 99% sure the motors will swap. Please provide the extra 1%. Thanks

I dont know, but you can try it.

yzf an wrf are same motor just some internal diffrences an a starter :ride:

hey 2weelz,

I may have misread your post. Are you asking WR to YZF or to YZ (2stroke)?

WR to YZF shouldn't be a problem

The motor drops right in.

I just did this (with a '04 WR motor into a '03 YZ frame). Like you mentioned earlier, there are only a few small peripheral items such as the CDI mount, voltage reg., ignition guard mount, and left side wire harness guide that are different.

On my project I even went all out to try wiring a YZ CDI to the WR stator but was unsuccessful. To late now, bracket is welded on and frame is at the powder coater!

Good luck.

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