XR600 Carb

Hi guys, great site and lots of info. I did a search but didnt get an answer so here it goes. I have a 94 600R. It runs strong but carburates poorly, ie. doesn't idle well, stalls when the throttle is chopped etc. I was wanting to know if and or how a 38 mm mikuni flatslide pumper would work on my 600. It is completely stock. Also what other carbs work on these bikes. I know the knew pumper carbs are the rage but I want to keep the cost down. Would a standard Mikuni non-pump flat slide work well? Is 38mm enough or is 40 the minimum. Lastly, when changing carbs, how do we go about adjusting for the difference in intake and air boot diameter differences. Any help would be appreciated.


I have a Mikuni Flatside, non-pumper on mine, 93 XR600R and I LOVE it. It's a 38mm and I got it from this website from their store for $153.88 delivered to my door. It has great throttle response down low and the flatside really allows that big thumper to breathe and at WOT it is amazing. Can't say enough about it. Oh, and mine needed absolutely nothing to bolt it in, came with a throttle cable that went right into the throttle mechanism, and both the inlet and outlet of the carb went right into the stock boots on both ends. Good luck with whatever you choose.


Could you give me a part # for this carb. I'm interested in one for my 96 xr600.

Jclaus would that be a TM38-85 or TM38-86? Thanks.

Thanks, just found one on ebay.

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