Nevada land closure

I do not know how many of you are from nevada but Boulder City council is working with all of the bunny hugers of the world to try and shut down a lot of good riding 5 million acres to be exact. Help us southern N.V boys out and write to our senators Harry Reid and John Ensign. Its the first of alot for the whole U.S.A lets stop them before it gets to far. RIDE ON BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!

Be glad to help you out any way I can. If it can happen in Nevada, it can happen anywhere.

OK, guys, our brah needs help in Nevada. Let's step up and send a quick note to the good senators. Or, maybe 100 letters....

What happened to the Governor. He gave a nice speech at the Nevada 2000 and said he supported OHV use of the land. Heck, If you can't ride in a nuclear wasteland :) , where can you ride (just kidding). Nevada seemed like the only non green place left in the nation, what happened.

Done. I sent my letters on the senators' websites. How about the rest of us?

At this point, we either unite and fight or give up the sport. It is that critical right now, gents.

Can you give a web site to send the letter to,IT will make a lot easyer for all of us to send a protest.


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