Ultimate XR650L

People are saying to post dyno numbers to prove that the bike has the HP it does. Or say that my bike makes more power than yours. But you cant do that with a dyno sheet. That was my point exactly, numbers are not accurate. So it is the relative increase that matters. Even if you got a dyno sheet saying 55 HP on dyno 1, it may ready 50 HP when you take it to dyno 2, making all dyno numbers not performed onthe same machine by the same tech apples to oranges...I really dont see how comparing apples to oranges makes a number relevant.

Like I said I'm not going to say anything about the numbers, because I don't know (and the ad just says sold on it). But between the shop that did the work having seen enough of these and a pretty careful enthusiast who knows his way around a wrench I'd be surprise if that was just a random number out of nowhere. Then again, I;ve been wrong before and will be wrong again....:ride:

One thing is fore sure, you've got a pretty nice L

In the "real" world, you are correct, most dyno numbers are B.S. due to the uncertainty of the variables.

In a "perfect" world, dynos would be an accurate tool to measure engine performance.

Thankyou for the comments on my bike, it has been long road.

I need to get it on the dyno, well... maybe not, what would I do with that imformantion???


It IS listed for 10000.00 buy it now price on ebay.

Guess maybe YOU should look before you flap. :ride:

Fair enough, I appoligize! I do believe that there was a change to the listing from the first day. Originally the starting bid was 5k and a buy it now of 5999.99. Not that any of this matters now I guess. Ignore me as my wife does and please carry on.:ride:

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