2002 Yz 426f Problem. Help!!!!!

my 2002 yz 426 just got new rings and seals. i also had it re jetted. i wrecked like 11 months ago, and that was the last time i rode it and now it wont start. i don't know what the problem is. help please

If it's been sitting that long, the odds are usually either bad gas, or a pilot and/or starter jet varnished shut, or both. With a 426, it won't hurt to change the plug AFTER you verify good spark and check the carb out.

the carb was good. it was clean inside. we cleaned it all out anyways. we just pulled it with a quad and got it started. but everytime you down shift it dies. i dont know if that is just the idle screw or the gas. you tell me

who did the work for you?if a dealer did it then you should have them fix it.but causes could be cam timing,low compresion from rings installed wrong,carb could still be dirty in the pilot jet passages.

well one of my dads certified mechanichs at a boat shop took out the motor and me and my grandpa sent it off to las vegas and had a shop down there do it. we went and got it and the guy at my dads shop put it back in and checked everything and the motor was all to the manual specs.

Sure your problem isnt in the eletrical.

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