Is my bike flooded?

Here is the deal, I have a 97 XR650L that I just can't seem to get to run right. I have posted several questions on here and in the jetting section and haven't been able to get her fixed yet. The problem is that it will idle for a few minutes, then die. Also when I am riding it around it does fine, revs nice and really pulls good but when I roll off the throttle I get some popping and backfiring and if I roll to a stop 9 out of 10 times it dies. It will fire up pretty quick though. It has a Mikuni TM38 flatslide in it and I am fairly sure the jetting is good on it. So I was thinking that maybe the carb is flooded, I might just be grasping at straws though. Checked the valves and they are all good. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

A great way to check the fuel height in the bowl is to connect a clear piece of tubing to the drain, run the tubing up to about the top of the carb (or higher) and open the drain.

The fuel level in the hose will be the same as that in the bowl.

Has the smog stuff been removed? If so, then there should only be minimal popping on decel.

How far open is the low-speed fuel screw?

Less than 1 turn, need a bigger pilot,

More than 2.5 or 3 or so and you need a smaller pilot.

Does adjusting the low-speed screw change anything?



The low speed screw is at about 1.5 turns out. I can adjust it to 2.5 turns out and I don't notice any change in the bike and I haven't gone past that. The smog stuff has all been removed by the previous owner. It had a 22.5 pilot on it with a 250 main and I have read on this board that the main was probably good but that maybe I should go down to a 17.5. Well I went to a 17.5 and didn't really notice much of a change so I went the other way with a 25.0 pilot and it seems to idle somewhat better but will still die after a few minutes which makes me think that it could be flooding out. I admit I don't know much about carbs and this flatslide has me even more confused. Any more help you can give me would be great.

I would check the float level like Dave said. If it's just sitting there idling, the only way it could flood is if the float needle/shim is messed up or if the float level is too high. Good luck.

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