Buck, I noticed you live in Michigan...

I have been looking for good places to ride in MI without having to drive at least 2+ hours. Where do you normally ride, and do you need a riding partner? I am a slow rider since I'm still a rookie. I live in Canton about 15 minutes away from Ypsi.

Pooley, looks like were neighbors as I am in the Canton, Mi. area also. Unfortunatley for us that means we are going to drive at least two hours to trail ride. The only way to ride in less than two hours is to drive to Gladwin faster or ride at one of the MX tracks in the area. At this time of year the indoor track at Prosource Suzuki is our only option. It is really short course, about 1/4 mile, in a big old dusty, smokey, pole barn BUT it is open during the frigid winter months and it is only 50 miles from Canton. You can learn the track quickly and then work on all the things you need to do to get around quicker, body (weight) position, throttle control, braking etc. I had knee surgery this fall and gave the indoor track a try because I wasn't sure how my knee would hold up. I didn't want to drive two or three hours up north, get 10 miles down a trail and then find out my knee was giving out so I tried ProSource.

There is also a place in Ohio near the border that has an open riding area but I have never tried it. You can find the directions at the District 14 AMA site.


ProSource is at www.prosourcesuzuki.com

Hey guys, I'm also in the area, Dearborn Hts and my bro is in Redford Twp. We bought a pair of 2000 WR400's in October.

We've ridden the place in Ohio, it's just west of Toledo in Maumee National Forest. It's VERY SMALL! Only a couple of loops, and I can do the short one in about 10 minutes and I'm OLD FAT N SLOOOOWWWWW :) (did I mention FAT?) The longer loop takes me 20 min or so (I think never really timed it). It's also pretty busy, only has one (small)parking lot and the Ranger is always coming by to check you out. The loops are FLAT, not a hill to be seen anywhere and moderately rough (for me anyway).

On the positive side you can drive there in about 1 hr or so and it is a legal place to ride, be sure you have you MI ORV sticker on your bike. Ohio will honor it and if the ranger catches you riding without it YOU WILL GET A TICKET! and he will catch you most likely, he's been there every time we've been there.

It's not a bad place to go sort your bike or just get a ride in when you can't make the drive north.

Maybe we can get together this spring or summer and do the UP NORTH gig, my bro knows a bunch of guys who ride and I work with a crazy group dirt bikers also.



What is the terrain in the Maumee place in Ohio, tight singletrack, 2-track, mud pit...? It sounds like the Mounds up in Flint. It is a scrambles area but it is also shared with quads, 4x4 trucks and is any direction you want. Its a little scary since you could get slammed into if you are not careful.

Are you guys CCC members? (www.cycleconservationclub.org) There are CCC rides every other weekend starting in April all the way through October. I'd love to get a MI ThumperTalk ride together. Just make sure you save me some beer since I'll be bringing up the rear.

Lets see, Maumee is wide single track, quads do run it but no trucks, mostly bikes tho. It's nice black dirt, with the usual mud when wet, no miles of SAND WHOOPS (thank God) like we're used too.

The loops are all marked and are one way except for a small section of the smaller loop that takes you to another one way extension of the small loop. Maybe 300 yards of 2 way trail (give or take a little).

Haven't been to the Mounds yet although my bro has. I've just started riding again (October) after a close to 20 year absence (20 yrs of gettin FAT).

As far as CCC goes my bro and his buddies are members and I will be joining although I don't have much interest in all the dual sport stuff they do.

I guess you and I will have to hide our own beer as you couldn't possibly be as slow as me.


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If the weather holds a little I am going to go to Maumee this Sunday. As long as I'm not riding in snow I think I'll give it a try. Cold doesn't bother me, I just don't want to be sliding around when I am still such a rookie. By the way, I don't really recommend the Mounds...better than nothing but still a little risky at times.

I also starting riding dirt in October so I have minimal ride time. I was hoping my mountain biking would help out more but its not quite the same. I rode street for a while (Honda Magna) but got tired of dodging semi-trucks and the road raged SUV's.



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If your going Sunday shoot me a note, I might want to give it a try and all my dirtbike friends here are afraid of the cold.

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