starting problems?

Most of you know ive jst spent alot of green getting my bike rebuilt and in the process i did the cam mod. BTW if you dont know its an 02 yz426. Now it is really hard to start. the only time ive got it to start i kicked it forever and finally got it to start off choke and having to hold the gas open a little bit even after pumping it 2-3 times before trying to start it becase its cold here. Well ive tried and tried to start it and the most ive got out of it is for it to rn about 4 -5 seconds then die any tips for me ? thanxs

Ok guys i've combined things i've read here on TT and tomorrow morning first thing this is the plan

1. Change Sparkplug

2. Change Airfilter

3. Put new gas in

If all this doesnt work

4. Check the timing from cam mod....

If none of this works what do you guys think i should do then? Im really puzzled lol


Hopefully the first three will work and get me going so i can ride with my brother tomorrow the temps. going to be in the 50's!!!

Dont for get about the valves. If they need adjusting it makes hard to start.

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