YZ250F to WR450F

Ok, I'm gonna go from a YZ250F to a WR450F, yes, difference in weight, but how about a power difference... from those who have done the same change?

I am just planning to do the opposite! I am selling my WR450 (too much power that tires me out and more weight) and i want to buy a YZ250F (just the power that you can use and no weight)!

i went from a crf 250x to a wr450. after doing the mods to get it to run the way i wanted, and then getting it to turn like a cr, i love the bike and the power! as far as the weight goes,it only sucks when you have to pick it up!

I have an 04 wr250 and my friends has an 06 wr450.The weight is distibuted diffrently on the bike.I felt his bike was lighter even though it wasn't.I say you will love the switch.All the power you need and the new 07 wr's powerband is so smooth.

My previous bike was an XR250. Now that I have experienced both the XR250 and a WR450 I really like not having to work as hard to get the front wheel over things (trees, mud puddles). The extra power of the 450 sometimes helps get you out of trouble. Yes it is more power than I need in the woods but i like the strong bottom end grunt. If you need to get used to the power leave the throttle stop in for a little while until you get used to the extra power--although in stock form it really is fairly slow.

If you can handle the YZ250F's power then you can handle the extra the WR450 is going to give you & you'll love it.

Thanks for the input guys!

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