ive got a 99 wr400 how to make it run more like a YZ

IVE BEEN RIDDEN MY WR FOR A while and would like more power is there a way to make it run like a 426 or 450 or does the top end off one of them fit on my 400 bottom any ideas all ive got done to it is a white brother e series pipe

Get it jetted right (JD it) and do the Decomp cam mod. These 2 things with the exhaust will make it a different bike. Make sure the exhaust is fresh too. :ride:

Change the cam timing to YZ specs and cut the gray wire. All the info you need is on this board.

add a quick shot and YZ time the cams as stated above. Ajjust your jetting to perfect and I guarantee it will be a completely different beast. Oh yeah, have you replaced the throttle stop.... Theres probably 20% more power right there.

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