06 Shortened Silencer


Has anyone out there shortened the lenght of there stock silencer, if so what are the differences.

Mine has some damage and was thinking of taking a few inches off..

Any ideas what would happen..??:ride:

I know that you can do it.I would do a search on the subject and see if you can find any pictures of it.

Its Very doable. I did it on my 05 crf mufler.

A few tips......make sure you cut it straight, and I prefer a band saw. Ive done one with an abrasive saw and cleaning the edge of the muffler where i cut it took awhile.

A chop saw will cut if perfectly. I am betting the pipe will be much louder though if you cut off 2-3 inches. Can be done though.

Do you think there will be any differenc in power...?

mine was shortened by PO, had to redo the rivets on the end cap, doesnt sound all that much louder than i remember an ex-friends 426 sounding

Do you think there will be any differenc in power...?

I had my CRF dynoed with the stock silencer and then the stock shorty. The results were different than I thought. The dyno showed a 1/2 a HP gain on top with no loss anywhere else. I allways thought that a short silencer resulted in bottom end gains. Im sure there are many varyables, and maby the dyno wasnt accurate??

Good friend took 2.5 inches off his 06, talk about annoying! The thing has little or no difference in power but man is it loud, definetly sounds snappier but I could tell no difference other than the sound output.

Most folks around here do this mod for one reason and that is to help fit the bike through some of the extremely tight trees we ride through, I considered it for a while but a couple of trips to the MX track with my bud changed my mind after two years with a way too loud 250f i didn't want anything to do with an ear ringing stroker!

Making a pipe short is said to give more bottom end. Well i think thats wrong. It adds a little top end. If the pipe is made like a tcracing quad pipe it adds low end but just shortning any other pipe adds top end mostly. The power gain will not be felt but the 100+db will be heard. I choped 5" off my pipe so its 8" now and it shakes houses But it sounds so much more meaner than every one else. Loud pipes sound cool any ways at less you like the quiet pipe air compressor noise.

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