Hebo hydraulic clutch?

Hi fellows Thumpertalkers

I'm looking for buying/using an Hebo hydraulic clutch actuator on my 00 YZ426

Someone know what is the exact travel of the Hebo slave actuator?, will it disengage fully my lengthened clutch arm or will I have to shorten it back to stock spec?

And is a boot protector available for the master?

The unit is left without any protection...weird isn't it?

Are lever easily available? cost of replacement lever?

And for those who're using it for some time (more than a year) would you buy it again today? reliability concern? performance concern?

Finally where's the best/lower priced place to buy it?

Thanks a lot


Don't know about the Hebo unit, but I've got the magura clutch on my bike, and I'd say it's definatley worth it, along with the flywheel weight, best bit of kit I've bought.



I used a hebo for just about a year. It works extremely well (lighter feel, never needed adjustment), until last month when it blew a seal at the slave cylinder. I'm not going to repair it.

Levers aren't readily available, but they are out there (noth shorty and longer styles).

Dan, I've been using the Hebo unit on my WR426 for well over a year. I've had a couple of problems so far. The first problem was a plastic insert that surrounds the pivot hole in the lever got torn up so I bought another lever (25.00)us. The second problem is where the cable hooks up to the accuator (s?) seems a little weak, the cable worked its way out of the jam nut and left me with no clutch for half of a ride. I fixed it using an XR75 throttle cable and now it works great again.

The unit will work on your YZF no problem. You would get full use of the clutch.

The clutch pull is extremely light on the Hebo. In my opinion it's lighter the my friends Magura and no compairison to the stock unit.

I think for under $200.00 you can't go wrong. And it doesn't come with a little rubber boot that goes around the perch assembly.

You can buy them from "erider.com"

Hope this helps.

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