XR650R Topend removal

I'm getting ready to do a piston and cam job on my XR650R. My question is does anyone know if I need to pull the motor or can it be done with the bottomend still in the frame?


It can be done in frame, just make sure you clean frame really well so you don't get any unwanted material in the motor.

I did a piston/cam on my 650R, and yes it can be done in frame.

Theres really only a few things to look out for. Make sure you pull all the little/long bolts out so they don't cause any probs getting the head off. Now, the biggest issue I ran into was getting the cylinder out of the studs. The studs are too long to just pull it off the top, and too close to slide it in between. So, you either have to remove one of the studs, or bend two studs ever so slightly to be able to slide the cylinder out.

Also, when you get back to putting it back together, make sure you have at least ONE extra head stud, because 9 outa 10 times you'll snap at least one head stud (I did), and having an extra one is really nice when it happens.

Other than that, its pretty straightforward. Get a service manual if you don't have one. That thing will be your bible when it comes to your BRP.

You might be able to complete the top end with the engine installed....but it will be so much easier on the bench. In fact...I bet you can do it in less time by pulling the motor. I had my motor out of the bike and on the bench in under an hour.

Yes it can be done

The studs are the prob

You can losen the mount bolts to drop the motor abit to give you alittle room

But it is just as easy to remove the whole thing

Thanks for the info.


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