Just bought a 2000 wr400 – Issues… (I have searched) Please help


Hello everyone, this is my first post and I am a complete novice. Rode road bikes for years, but never owned a thumper. I am almost embarrassed to say I failed to start it last night! It is about -2 degrees Celsius at the moment, which doesn’t help! My leg is hurting today and I failed to get anywhere with it.

My main issues are:

I didn’t have a manual so don’t know what certain bits do (anyone who has a pdf version, it would be much appreciated)

On the carb, it has the idle adjuster (black screwy thing that seems to be seized :ride: ), and a red and a black pull things :S ….I assume one is the choke, what is the other?! And when do I use each of them?!

From what I have read, it is best to kick the bike a few times with the decompressor in, then go for one almighty kick to start it after that.

I have read a bit about TDC, but don’t understand that either??

I link to a general service guide would be good too :ride:

Any help will be greatly appreciated and I hope to become a longstanding member of the forum :ride:

I have found the handbook now :ride: !!!!

The guy's here can probably help you but I bet you would get more help in the Honda XR250/400 forum. :ride: WR Dave

MOD...PLEASE CHANHGE MY TITLE....I DO HAVE A WR400!!!! NOT A XR about the stupidest typo ever!!!!!!!

Any help would be appreciated dave!!!

well lets see... first off your in the wrong forum. this is for yamaha wr 400,426,450 owners forum. but thanks for coming!!! completely different bike than that xr 400. secondly for the maual go to the xr 400 forum and search manual. you'd be amazed at what comes up. thirdly the idle adjuster adjusts the idle speed. if your bikes not gaging and its not roaring at idle, then dont touch it. the little black and red pull thing (LOL!!!) is your choke. thats why your were not able to start it because the bikes gotta be choked for a couple of minutes when cold. just pull it out all the way and fire the bike up, let it warm up, mabye ride around a little bit and then turn it off. dont forget though cause the bike will run like crap. fourthly with the decompression lever.kicking the bike with the decompression lever in will do nothing. what is does is let out the compression so you can get the piston to top dead center. what you need is a wr 450, its got automatic decompression and is a breeze to start. as for your bike, kick the bike over once of twice without the decompression lever on until it gets to a really hard spot. DONT KICK. pull in the decompression lever and youll find its easy to kick. kick it just slightly so it gets past this hard spot. this is top dead center. it means the piston is all the way to the top and is ready for the intake, compression and power stroke and then exhaust. then you kick it good once its past that tough spot and with the choke on she will fire right up. if you got any more questions just ask, but in the xr 400 forum... happy riding


wow bad typo. im pretty sure the wr 400 has the same decompreeion lever as a xr 400 so i belive its the same procedure try it out

thank you g, please see above, i have been a muppet...there are 2 choke pull things!! LOL!! thats what is confusing me!!

send me personal message with a picture you got my all mixed up now im still thinking xr but now you say its wr.

thank you g, please see above, i have been a muppet...there are 2 choke pull things!! LOL!! thats what is confusing me!!

Black knob is the choke and the red knob is the hot start. You use the hot start if you tip your bike over when you're riding, makes it a lot easier to get going again.

thank you g, please see above, i have been a muppet...there are 2 choke pull things!! LOL!! thats what is confusing me!!

One of the buttons im pretty sure it's red, that is the HOT start button, DON'T pull on that one to get the bike started, use the black one, the red one is used when you crash or stall the bike while running, earlier WR-YZ (98-01) models had this 2 buttons.. Then, don't try to kick start the hell out of it, IT WON'T start, there's a drill for this bike, use de decomp lever and kick it all the way down a few times, then kick about 1/4 way down, then lift leg and kick hard all the way down! you are setting up the piston while doing the 1/4 way down thing, try it!! :ride:


Man, everyone has some interesting starting ideas. Here's what fires up my '98 WR400 with no probs and a process I was given by someone here. Should work for most 4strokes with decomp levers

Pull the choke if you need to

Don't touch the decompress lever yet for nothin dude.

Turn throttle from close to open 2 or 3 times - this squirts fuel into the carb don't ya know.

Kick easy until you hit TDC - till it's pretty much impossible to kick any further.

Pull in decomp lever, and kick just a hair to get past TCD

Release decomp and give a full stroke REAL kick

Repeat until she fires, gets pretty easy - turn over you can't, use the decomp to nudge it over, and fire away.

Dead of winter, this takes four or five cycles in MN

Summer, 1 or 2

Until I knew this process, I'd nearly break my foot trying to start the beast in anything except my MX boots. Now, I can start 'er in my slippers. Enjoy!

Thank you everyone...fire it up first time everytime with your help...dam legends all of you :ride:

lots of reading for me today now i have found this site :ride:

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