06-07 counterbalancer

Are there any differences between the two? Ive heard the 07's is lighter. But my question is, are the both the 100% tungsten balancers? :ride:

They both balance to a factor of 100%. The weights a different PN, and my understanding is that they were redesigned to have the same balancing effect while using less weight. They may also have been tweaked to adjust the RPM range of their effectiveness, or to match changes in the crank. I wouldn't plan to mess with it though. They are both dead smooth.

Oh I dont want to try to modify it. I just read that the 07 has a 100% tungsten balancer. I wasnt sure if the 06 had the same. By tungsten do the mean carbide???

No, they mean Tungsten. It's extremely heavy per volume, and is used for the weights only. On the '06 and later 450, the balancer was redesigned so that the weights are a removable component, which allows them to be made from tungsten, rather than steel.

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