07 WR Airbox is filling up with Oil when I crash!!

I have been on half a dozen rides with my new WR450 and I am pretty happy with just about everything. The only prob I have found is that if I lay my bike down or loop out, the engine oil makes its way into my airbox and spills out onto the subframe. Anyone else have this prob? Anyone know how to fix it? since there is only one quart of oil in it I don't like the idea of losing oil on a ride. Not to mention I have had to clean out the airbox and subframe three times now because of all the oil in it.

Here's the solution, STOP CRASHING!!!!! Seriously!! if you are crashing that often, make your way up, start slow, And take the bike to the shop to get it checked, i have never heard of that happening before!!!

If you don't crash every other time you go out then you are not challenging yourself enough. I ride some really technicall stuff and crashing or laying it over is part of the game. I don't think there is anything broken with my bike, I just want to know what I can do to stop the oil from getting into my airbox.

Also, I don't think this is something that happens with the previous years bikes because the oil was in the frame. I had a 2005 WR450 that did not have this problem.

Maybe ask in the YZ forum? They have AL frames...

Doesen't sound good though.....

I've never heard of that issue, could it be an over oiled filter? Motor Oil in the carb?? Doesn't seem like it would even start back up if it was traveling through the carb.

Is it coming up through the vent line from the starter ,teed into the breather hose that goes to the airbox? I think this could be a problem with water going the other way if it gets into the airbox on deep water crossings. Let us know if you find anything!! WR Dave

It is the crank case breather, my XR 250 did the exact same thing when it was upside down. With my WR i just re-routed it to point down and in the front left side of the engine, like the YZF's have them routed. That shoud help the oil from coming out as there is more bends for it to travel through and it is pointing up when upside down.

It isn't a big deal, except that you loose some oil from it, re-route it, or get a fliter to go on the end of it. Don't put a valve on it, as the breather breathes both in and out.

I checked with a local mechanic that I trust and he said there is a baffle attached to the valve cover that is suppose to help reduce that from happening. He told me to pull of the valve cover and make sure it is attached. He does not think that is the answer but I am going to check any ways. It is either a design flaw, or my baffle in my valve cover came off. I think it is a design flaw. I am going to start looking for ways to cure it. I might buy a longer piece of hose and route it out towards the bottom of the motor like they did on previous years WR's. If I do that, then at least it will not fill up my airbox and leak all over my subframe, swingarm, etc.

The engine is not overfilled with oil. Since I have had this prob I check my oil before I ride, and while I ride.

The YZ's don't have this problem because they don't route the vent hose into the air box.

The breather from the top of the head goes all the way back to the air box. If you loop out then some of the excess oil from the head can find its way out. Shouldn't be heaps though.

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