Need seat for Acerbis underseat tank

Okay, so I scored an Acerbis 3.7 gallon underseat tank for my XR650R off of Fleabay. I don't really need the extra fuel capacity since I already have the Acerbis Sahara tank up front, but it's way cool and I got a smoking deal and couldn't resist. Didn't come with the Acerbis seat, though. Has anyone had luck with modifying a stock seat to fit - can it be done? Does anyone have a used seat they'd be willing to sell me that fits?



I think we're in an extreme minority of...anyway did you get this set-up to work? I'm restoring a '94 and I can't get the underseat tank to come close to fitting the frame. ANy thoughts?

sorry about all the duplicates people - I'll try pm-ing these members instead...

OK - I'm the fool - unless anyone wants to try to convince me otherwise.

NONE of the Sahara stuff will work with my '94 XR 650L since they're made for the R.:banghead:

and I cought this myself...come on people - I never knew much about this bike and clearly still don't.

Thank GOD I didn't get put 100 extra pounds of gas that high on the bike anyway. What was I thinking?

So anybody looking to make their "racing" 650 into a dakar/cross country survivor? If you want your butt to be raw before you find a gas station, then PM me and we'll work out a deal - this underseat tank is for sale. Here first - ebay later.

What's this underseat tank you speak of? Where can I see pics?

try thumpertalk's site or - iut's for the XR650R and bought it but, I own a 650L

I can e-mail you a pic fo the part laying on my XR if anybody wants to PM

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