2006 450 Suspension question

My first post on Thumpertalk. I just bought a new 2006 YZ450, I've put about 8 hours on it now and got the jetting sorted out. My question is about suspension. I weigh 145 and am a Vet Beginner. The suspension is really stiff for my weight. According to Race-Tech I should go down to a .44 spring for the front and a 5.2 on the back. If I just buy the springs will the valving be ok with just adjustments or should I have the whole suspension redone by someone? Any suggestions will be appreciated!

Try the springs first. The stock stuff on the 06 is so good you may be just fine. I had new springs put in my bike too, but bigger cause I'm fat, and the shop said that the aftermarket valves arent that much better. One thing he did say was that they needed tightened from the factory though. He said that is very common, so you may want to look into that. Good luck.

The stock valving is really good on the 06, so I would say just springs. If the forks are still harsh on the top of the stroke, you can put in some lighter pressure springs to help make it a little more plush over the small stuff.

That's good advice. I'll try the new springs first and if I can't get the damping right I'll take the next step and send them out to BR1 since they are local to me.

I'm just trying to stay within a budget and don't want to spend money if I don't need to.

I just bought a 125 and needless to say the stock suspension wasn't cutting it. I took it to my suspension guy and he wanted to respring and revalve forks and shock, which it needed. But after some discussion on how I could cheap out we decided to just slap some heavier springs and add some oil in the forks and try that. After measuring the sag we determined my shock spring would be sufficient and left it at that. He happened to have the fork springs laying around so I only had to pay $30 for labor and oil!

So anyway, I guess the point is that having a good relationship with your suspension guy and communicating with him will get you what you need and nothing that you don't. Don't be afraid to look dumb to your suspension guy, if you had all the answers you wouldn't need him, right.

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