Moved from crf450 forum to 600/650 forum

Well it looks like it's official.

Had a 2003 crf450r and traded it plus cash for an ol' 86 XR600 beater.

Wanted soemthing to beat around without costing me a fortune and the crf450 was just too much bike for me and basic trail riding.

Anyway.....Going to pick up the XR600 this weekend. Bought it for 1150. Has a rebuilt top end, new clutches and after market exhaust although do not remember the name of it and new coils as well as a higher rev CDI.

Anything anybody can tell me about them would be great!

Still get to be thumper, just on a bike that doesn't scare me or have to worry about killing me the next berm or hill I go up. Cannot remember how many times I damn near flipped the CRF450 or went around a berm and gave it too much throttle and up and over I went into the woods.

I am what you may call a lazy trail rider and the CRF was bound and determined to have it's way with me.

In my eye's I think it was an upgrade. I own a 96. Check it out at http:/

While I'm sure that it's a lot mellower than the 450, it can still flip over on you and scare you. Mine can and does on occasion.

If you have questions ask away, we have answers for most of them.

The biggest down side of an 86 are the damper rod forks and the 17 inch rear rim. For the first try and not hit things at speed, it can hurt. For the second, it limits your tire choice. When I had a 17 inch rear rim XR500, I liked the IRV VE33 the best.

Glad to hear you went for somthing more reliable!! Dont make the 600 out to be a little "putt putt" bike it may be more forgiving than the 450. but my 600 pig rips apart my friends 450's and I am a previous owner of a YZ426F and it was a fun bike with snappy power range, but all in all my 600 is faster! ooo... AND HEAVIER! haha

WHy do people Lie? Went to pick the 600 up and test drove it. The engine sounded like it was falling apart and my neighbors 250 had more power. He said it was rebuilt on the top end and gobs of power and torque...YEA RIGHT! Maybe for an XR50!!!!!

Damn I hate this crap! Guess who came back without a bike.


Still looking for a XR600 or XR650.

sorry to hear that, that sux, how about we trade and ship to each other:applause:

just checked its about $300....

Am going tomorrow morning just about where I went today to pick up a 2000 xr650r. I hope this one turns out to be a good one. WIsh me luck! All I want is a good Ol' XR.

Hope it works out. You will find that the top end power tapers off somewhere after the midrange on the big thumpers where your CRF was just starting to come alive. Get a new cam like the Hotcams Stage 1 if you still want the top end power. That's the best single performance mod you can do besides uncorking the stock form (remove muffler plug, airbox plugs, carb boot restrictor, and then rejet).

The two bikes are very different, the 600/650 is mellow (power and suspension) unless you upgrade it, where as the 450R is already upgraded (Vicious top end, stiff suspension) in stock form.

I now own a 2000 XR650R bought new in late 2002. Had the power up mod done to it. airbox mod, jetting and exhaust mod done to it.

How do you check the oil level? slight knocking at very low rpms when cold but goes away when warm. teested it in the parking lot where we met. Power is very good and rivals my CRF450R I traded for it but is very controllable compared to the CRF450R.

Ok guys. Lets hear the good and the bad of the 2000 model and what changes were made in the newer years. Anything I should look out for? oil change intervals, valve adjustment interval. ANything and everything you can tell me would be GREATLY Appreciated.

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