Low pegs for WR426

My stock pegs are worn out, My fastway Low boys are worn out and I wont by that brand agian.

Any sugestions?

take your stockers, cut the barrel off the bottom and put it on top, shim it with a washer and remount on the bike, will move the peg back and down, for the cost of nothing. Easy to do and works, although when I read about this 4 years ago lots of folks said the stress on the pin would cause breakage. I have run it for 4 years and at 6'4" and 225lb with full gear nothing has happened yet.

My stock pegs are worn out,

Any sugestions?

Did that, Worn out...

I too done that with mine, didn't know it was done before, but it worked good, i just cut the barrels off and welded them on top, swapped springs from side to side, painted them and reinstalled, worked great, However im thinking on selling them cheap now as i just bought a set of Powerpegs..........


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