seat height

Hey, Hello everyone I'm new here. Best way to lower height. I've got short legs. I assume that I can wack up the foam, but will it suck?m Any suggestions. Ride dessert woods and sand. Thanks Herman


I ran the forks all the way up to where they hit the bottom of the handlebars and on the rear I took all of the pre-load out of the spring. I am not a racer just a play rider for fun and this set up seems to work ok for me enen at 210 lbs. I also hve short legs..... I also changed to softer seat foam from graffic fx that helped some too.

You can change out the WR seat and gas tank for an after market clark/yz seat combo. I went with the Acerbis tank and ONE ind. YZ seat and it lowered the seat down a bit. I rode it hard Saturday for the first time with this mod and it really is great as far as handling. :)

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