WR 06 450 and WR 07 450 Suspension settings?

Does anyone know what the valving on the front forks is on the 07 compared to the 06 ?

I believe the forks are the same but feel better from reports. I would like to change the front fork valving to 07 spec! I am finding the 06 just seems to be harsh in the initial part of the stroke! (no matter what clicker settings).

It tends to firm up too quick at the moment as it travels thru the stroke too!

I have changed the springs (firmer) to suite my weight and messed with the clickers to find a better adjustment. Original springs are too soft! It maybe that the new springs are too hard :ride:

I want to fix this problem with the valving tho. I want a plusher start to the stroke that hardens up slower! not like an abrupt binding effect!

The bike handles pretty good, The rear shock is good !

I will also try different oils aswell so if anyone has a recomendation on which fork oil let me know!

Damn I'm getting picky as I get older lol!

Ship those suckers to a pro shop and have them set up for your weight and riding conditions.

It will be expensive but well worth it (IMO).

What weight oil are you using? A good weight to run is a mix between 5w and 10w for a generic setting. Your symptoms seem to sound like there is either too much oil or too heavy a weight.

I felt that the forks were a bit on the harsh side on my 06 450, so I backed off the rebound and the compression a couple clicks and was much better.

Your standard oil level for australian WR's should be 125mm (4.92") from the top of the fork tube with the spring removed and the fork tubes colapsed/compressed all the way. Your range of oil level is between 95-150 mm, so play with the level and weight of the oil, and I'm sure you will find a happy-medium.

You said you installed a heavier spring rate, so I would say that it would be fine to lower you oil level and decrease the oil weight. You can mix weights together to achieve a specific weight. For example; If you use 50% 5w and 50% 10w you will get 7.5w. If you use more 10w than 5w you will get a little more than 7.5, so experiment and see if that makes a difference.

It will also save you from spending $300 on a re-valve from a pro shop. Good luck.

Don't know differences sorry but having same dilemma with mine. Seems like forks hardly move. When I sit on the bike, the back goes down but the front hardly moves. On checking a chart, standard spring rate is .46kg/mm and recommended for my weight with gear (85Kg) is .44kg/mm.

I think I'll be trying the softer spring before anything else.

Yep had a go with the oil heights! and the weight is 7.5 !

I think I will have to experiment abit more! Yes I adjust the clickers always depending on where the ride is. The problem I have is maybe oil weight or valving itself. The Yamaha oil in the fork was thinner. Actually it looked terrible! Waynus make sure you bleed the air out of your forks! While front wheel is in the air! That may stop your problem also loosen the forks in the clamps, set their levels again then tighten them up again and try that!

I'll pull my forks out this week and change to a lighter oil that may help :ride:

Any one know about the valving on the 07?

Thanks for the tips. The lower fork clamps are the only time I use a torque wrench and I carry a screwdriver close at hand for bleeding the forks before every ride. Thanks anyway!

I use motorex 5 weight :ride: Also a bit of waterproof grease under the dust seals works miracles for stiction.

I've also wound my back spring up 3 turns to throw some more weight over the front and dropped my triple clamps 5mm.

I find that the front suspension is more compliant with a full tank of petrol and purposely sitting far forward, but at the end of the day when the arse is sore, it seems harder. I may have to bite the bullet and get a pro to soften it up for me.

Does anyone know the differences between the 06 and 07 valving for Oring Groove?

you can play with the oil if you want but it wont help, start with the proper spring rate first to suit your weight with kit then start playing with the oil, dampening etc. I have a '07 WR450 and weight in at 120kg with kit. I ordered racetech fork and shock springs as per there recommendations on there website www.racetech.com and my suspension is 100%.

Good luck


with 49mm forks i would stick with the 2wt yamaha calls for. i thought 5wt was to harsh. use the min amount.

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