I was going through some old pictures and ....

I know this is way off topic but, just a little fun! :) In 1969 I bought a dual-sport thumper and it came with a steering dampner and an e-button! It was a Honda 350 scrambler. I slapped a pair of univeral knobbies on it rode the heck out of that thing in the dirt! :D Yeah, technology has come a long way since then but it makes you wonder! An off the shelf production model with a steering dampner and e-button. Less than $800 bucks brand new too. :D


I just noticied your signature:

Isn't the American Association of Retired People AARP - not ARRA? :)

Where you riding this weekend?


Brian, DRZRon, W and, myself, will be riding Georgetown Sunday. Come on over and go with us. The conditions should be great! Paul :)

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