aluminum shavings in oil

I went to adjust the valves on the 03 yz450 tonight, and there was a significant amount of aluminum on the camshafts between the lobes. Obviously this is coming up with the oil. There was also a 1/8in sized sliver stuck to one of the cam bearings (not jammed, just sitting there). What has been anyones experience when this starts appearing (in previous adjustments there has been no flakes)?

The oil in the motor is about 2 hours old and I use oem filters.

The cams still look perfect, and no noticable scoring (yet).

thanks in advance.


Your sure its aluminum? You checked it with a magnet?

Yes, I checked it with a magnet.

I saw aluminum parts like that before, they came from my clutch basket and clutch boss. They where both worn and flaking. I'd pull the clutch cover and have a look.

Thank you 642mx...I was wondering about that but had not had time to pull the cover yet. I use the bike off-road on somewhat brutal trails, and without the low first gear I compensate with the clutch. So....I'm very hard on the clutch. I hope that's what it is.

Next question, what do you recommend as the best way to flush the motor?

Thanks again

Just change your oil and filter every ride for awhile.

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