so i checked out this 426 in full today....

im reading alot about bringing it to T.D.C. and bringing it like 1"-2" after the TDC and give it a good kick and it will start everytime.

But, never, and I mean NEVER, twist the throttle when the engine is not running. You will foul the plug immediately and it is a chore to pull the plug on these things, not a 2 stroke for sure.

if this is true, then why do people say to "........twist throttle 2 times....." before you start it? if it does foul the plug confised:lol: this will be the first motocross 4-stroke i ever owned. i use to ride 2-strokes.

It isn't true. The official Yamaha video on this subject (which was "lost" when they re-arranged their web site), featuring Doug Dubach as your mentor, prescribed one or two twists of the throttle to prime a cold engine prior to the first start of the day.

The 426 IS, however very touchy about any extra fuel in the combustion chamber when the engine is at all warm, so be careful with the throttle after the cold start. They also do not have as strong an ignition as the 450's do, and so the condition of the plug is quite important.

so its ok to do that when starting it cold but when its warm just kick it or use the hot start. correct? thanks gray:thumbsup:

i already took 2 melatonin (sp?), gets me to sleep in like *falls asleep on keyboard*zzzzzzzzzzzz *wakes up all confised*. they make you tired as hell inlike 20min. i take them like 2 times a week for school so i go to sleep at like 9:30-10:00pm yea i can't wait till 2marrow to rip the living shit out of it :ride:. jk. im going to baby it for sure :ride:

Baby-ing a bike is for babies... Ride the living hell out of it.

Ride it like you stole it...Maintain it and learn about it like you love a manual...

i was ripping it this weekend. its definitly the fastest bike i've ridden. not sure what the teeth are on the front and back but omg that thing accelerates like an f-ing cheetah in the snow on the railroad tracks. on the road i was leaning forward and it was pulling up in every gear, i had to get off the gas to like 1/2 throttle. i sure as hell can't wait till my 450 or the damn snow to frekin melt and the ground to thaw. i hope the stupid ass ground hog didn't see his shadow or what ever it is otherwise im going to run his ass over :ride:

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