Jetting after APJ mod !!HELP!!

:) errm NO! I run....A White Bros E series, but I also have a quiet core insert, which did make quite a difference, I also replaced the airbox lid as I had tooo much water ingress in to the box, this also helped the bog, biggest difference after the APJ was using the Pilot screw and leaned it off, this helped a lot even before the APJ mod, I'm running about 1 1/4 turns out at the mo! :D


you lift the needle for roll-on in fourth gear at 50mph. if you've got a bog look for the problem elsewhere for phuq sake!

if you've lifted the needle you've adversely richened the low end so you must do the PS check and go from there.


:) Right Taffy, I fitted the DMM clip#1 as discussed....very little difference from the DXM clip#6, MAJ DID increase topend/rev-ability, guess what? You were right! but then you knew that didn't you! LOL!

Right I lifted the DMM to clip#4, dropped the main jet to a #160, ran a bit weak, so I lifted the needle to clip#5 much better but still a bit weak, sooo I'm going to try a #162 MJ and the needle @ clip#4

I let you know what happens with the #162 main


sounds good guy! well done.

please try to do one test at a time and always start with the jetting as you finished the time before.

try every throttle setting and then make your change. where you feel the difference good or bad tells you what affects what.

it's about learning as you go and not finding things by luck. if you find something by luck it means you daren't get lost.

two changes at a time? got lucky! not everything is a giant leap forward.


:) Taffy, I didn't quite rush in and do it all at once, bad typing I suppose, I spent a full morning doing it, the only double change was the DMM to #4 and the 160 Main, and I had a guiding light for that one !he he he!




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