procircuit t-4 gp or drd exhaust for 07 yz450

I'm getting ready to purchase either the new procircuit t-4 gp stainless system or the drd full system.I posted a thread awhile back and didnt get much feedback so I'll try one more time before I make my purchase.I'm looking for an exhaust that increases power all across the powerband.Ive heard mixed reviews on the drd and havent hear a whole lot on the new procircuit.Ive heard the drd adds alittle on the bottom and smooths out rest of the power.I dont know if thats true or not,but if thats the case the drd might not be what Im looking for.Price wise Ive found what I feel is an excellent deal on both exhausts at afterburner mx in canaga park cali.I can get the p.c for 525.00 and the drd with spark arrestor for 450.00.Any feedback on either of these two exhausts or any other exhaust would be appreciated.

The Dr.D was great on my 01. However ive heard great things about the Pro Circuit. If ya got it$ then get it!

i would do the factory 4.1 with a mega bomb header its great i got it

got a drd on my crf450r and it works great . get good power

i put a drd "race" (no sparky) on my bik yesterday. really seemed to improve throttle response and give it alot more midrange punch. im pretty stoked on it and cant wait to take it out on the track. also its not obnoxiously loud like some pipes which is nice. i got it for $409 through bto sports mail order and it arrived in 3 days. cant beat that.

I've put P.C. pipes on my 04 YZ450 & my 06 CRF450. Both bikes had huge gains in bottomend & midrange power. I have one ordered for my 07 YZ450!

HI There.

I would without a doubt put a DRD full system pipe on your bike, i have been sponsored by dubach racing now for 3 years and i think they are an amazing pipe, hence the reason im still using these. There is no point just putting a slip on either, so the full system is the way to go. Good luck and enjoy the sound and power!!!

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